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Posted on: February 22, 2021

Green Waste Drive-thru & Drop-off Event March 20th

Image with details regarding upcoming Green Waste Drop-off Event on March 20

 Town of Cave Creek

Green Waste Drop-off Days; for Residents


In an effort to support the community in creating defensible space in their yards for fire prevention, the Town of Cave Creek is hosting drop-off days for residents (only) to discard green waste. The next event will take place on March 20th from 8am-noon at the Cave Creek Water Ranch: 4300 E Carefree Highway. As part of the Town’s Defensible Spaces efforts, we’re hosting these drop-off events to help you haul away green cuttings and debris such as weeds, leaves, brush and small branches.


Come prepared with proof of Cave Creek residence (driver’s license, utility bill, addressed piece of mail) and be prepared to unload the debris once you arrive. Cave Creek staff will take it from there. 


Dates:  March 20th

Duration:  8am- noon



Cave Creek Water Ranch 

4300 E Carefree Hwy
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

What will be accepted:



Dried plant matter
Small branches and twigs

Eradicated weeds and invasive species 


What will not be accepted: 

Household garbage

Liquid waste: chemicals, paint, etc
Batteries/ Appliances
Building materials; steel, plywood, concrete, etc


FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring my plant waste with a trailer?
A: Yes

Will there be crew to help me unload?
A: No; you are expected to unload the debris at a designated area and Cave Creek staff will dispose of matter from there.

What proof of residency will you accept?
A: a drivers license, utilities bill, or addressed piece of mail.

Contact: Town Hall Administrative Main Line for more information: 480-488-6600

To Download and print this information click here.

For information on how to create Defensible Space for Fire Prevention on your property click here. 


Image with details regarding upcoming Green Waste Drop-off Event on March 20


Green Waste Drop-off Day Aerial Image

Entrance to Wastewater Treatment Plant is off 44th St (North of Carefree Highway)

Cave Creek Defensible Spaces;
 Fire Awareness and Preparation

Image depicting zones for defensible space for fire prevention

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Long standing residents and newcomers alike are requested to clear a safe and defensible area five feet around structures on their property, from the furthest attached exterior point of their home or structure.

- Remove flammable materials away from this area; including mulch, flammable plants, green waste (leaves, weeds, trimmings, brush), stacked wood, and any other combustibles.
- Do not stack firewood or other combustibles against the structure .
- Clear invasive weeds and plants from this area regularly .
- Keep gutters and your roof clear of dead leaves and debris .
- Prune trees at least ten feet from chimneys .
- Repair or replace damaged tiles, screens, and keep vents clean and clear of debris. 1/8 inch metal mesh screening is recommended to reduce embers .
- Remove belongings being stowed under decks or porches .



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5-30 feet from the furthest exterior part of the home is the Intermediate Zone. Integrating breaks and clearing space in this zone can influence and help to decrease fire behavior.

- It is suggested to keep native grasses and lawns in this area trimmed to a maximum height of 4 inches.
- Clear flammable plant matter and green waste debris from under and nearby large stationary propane tanks.
- Remove ladder fuels (flammable plants and items) from beneath tree canopies.
- Consider and create fuel breaks such as walkways, paths, and driveways to deter the spread of a fire, should one occur on the property.

 Additional Landscaping Considerations:

  -  If possible space trees with a minimum of 18ft between them. 

  -  It is recommended trees and shrubs in this zone be limited to small, spaced-out clusters. This creates spatial breaks between flammable materials.

  - Consider tree placement so mature canopies are further than ten feet away from structures on the property.
  - Prune trees (tall enough) six to ten feet from the ground . 



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These are defensible space precautions to take 30- 100 feet, and beyond, on the property.  

- Don’t let flammable plant material or garbage accumulate in heaps or piles .
- Remove dead plant and tree material (including packrats nests) from the property .
- Clear flammable vegetation from surrounding structures .
- Make a 6ft cleared space at the base of saguaros .




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